Netflix and DreamWorks partner in exclusive deal to corner kid-friendly TV market

Netflix and DreamWorks partner in exclusive deal to corner kid-friendly TV market

Netflix has announced it plans to expand its fast growing kid friendly content with an exclusive series from DreamWorks beginning later this year. The fast action animated series will follow the adventures of a turbo charged snail and takes up where the DreamWorks movie that is due to be released in July of this year leaves off.  The new series will be the first in-house Netflix series production made specifically for the 12 and under audience market. Netflix is hoping the new expansion of kid friendly programming will up parent approval as well.

As a leader in family entertainment, Netflix is hoping to capture a wider segment of younger viewers. By teaming up with Disney’s DreamWorks division for this exclusive series,  Netflix is hoping to keep their growth in this fast growing TV series  market well above the competition by building on their pioneering model in TV with a highly successful drama series. Netflix execs feel that this is a natural step for the company to take.  The push is designed to increase original programming as a way to distinguish Netflix from competitors such as Hulu Plus and Amazon Prime which often offer the same movies and TV content. Starting in 2016, Netflix will be the exclusive online outlet for Disney’s new releases as part of the deal to licensing rights for streaming older Disney content.

Netflix is wanting to own the under-12 audience segment as has been seen by their “Just for Kids” interface app that help make it easier for kids to choose appropriate content in an array of streaming devices.  Netflix also is targeting the toddler age crowd with more multiple viewing options of kid friendly content for that age group as well. Add enough exclusive and original content for the monthly fee of $7.99 and enough parents may just decide they can do without the offerings of Hulu and Amazon as well as bypass having to worry about $20 DVDs or the suggestive powers of toy commercials.

Marketing analysts have stated they can see how Netflix definitely has a chance of becoming more attractive to parents of the 12 and under set with its “all you can eat kid TV content” programming in the coming months. Netflix is definitely on its way to setting a trend in the market.  Netflix is hoping to become more like Showtime and HBO in that the new streaming content and expanded television series not only retain current family memberships but gain new ones as well. The new team up with Disney surely can’t hurt.

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