Netflix Increasing The Price of 4K Viewing To $11.99 In New Family Plan

Netflix Increasing The Price of 4K Viewing To $11.99 For Newcomers

With a massive customer base and ISP chomping at the bit for it to pay to get its service out in a high performance manner, Netflix will be raising the price for users looking to view shows and TV in 4K.

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Late last year it was announced that Netflix would test out different pricing tiers to reel in more users.  A family plan would come in at $11.99 and $9.99 would the proposed plan for three people on an account. There was also speculation of $6.99 for standard definition.

As it turns out, Netflix will be going with a pricing plan of $11.99 per month for the family plan. Included would be the ability to view 4K programming such as Netflix’s landmark series House of Cards and AMC’s Breaking Bad. Four viewers will be able to watch separate shows at once with this plan.

For customers who couldn’t be bothered with 4K, there’s still the standard $8.99 deal. In a similar case to that of customers who were signed to Netflix prior to the $8.99 price hike, customers who have been subscribed to Netflix prior to the implementation of the family plan will continue to get 4K streaming for $7.99.

Currently there’s no date for when subscriptions will be rolled over to the new price tier.

SOURCE: Variety

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