Netflix Testing Out Pricing Tiers

Netflix Testing Out Pricing Tiers

Netflix looks primed to test out new pricing models in a bid to make sure multiple users of a particular account pay for their individual usage. Why not? The Netflix service is on pretty much everything that can run the internet after all.

By having multiple users on an account, up to four viewers can use one account at the same time in a household. Pricing for the family service will be $11.99. There is also a plan that shaves one dollar off the standard price, but is only for standard definition and can be streamed on one device at a time. Also being tested is a group service for up to three viewers at $9.99.

It should be noted that these are still in a limited testing phase and not available to everyone at the moment.

At any rate, with Netflix having 40 million paid subscribers and putting out free trials monthly, who knows how many of those 40 million subscribers have multiple viewers? What is known is that the streaming service would want to make sure it has a bigger piece of the streaming pie to the point it becomes a wedge and by offering cheaper streaming at lower definition the plan could take off.

The new pricing model could also go hand-in-hand with Netflix’s push towards original content which would provide something for everyone and could warrant everyone have their own viewer profile.

There’s a lot that the test fees could lead to if the run proves successful. You could be looking at more licensing of TV programs and movies to its service—which is pretty much a given even if this test flops—as well as producing even more original shows.

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