Netflix To Remove Slow ISP Warnings

Netflix To Remove Slow ISP Warnings

Netflix will be backing off with its notices to some users about their ISPs delivering shoddy streaming quality. The cease fire of sorts comes a bit after Verizon issued a cease and desist letter to their streaming partner.

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The popular streaming service said that the messages were part of a test in their “transparency campaign” they’ve been running since May. The goal was to users know why they are getting a poor stream. In an announcement on the transparency test, Netflix also acknowledged that ISPs have placed the blame at their feet, but they have gone further to explain the process that causes the congestion:

Some broadband providers argue that our actions, and not theirs, are causing a degraded Netflix experience. Netflix does not purposely select congested routes. We pay some of the world’s largest transit networks to deliver Netflix video right to the front door of an ISP. Where the problem occurs is at that door — the interconnection point — when the broadband provider hasn’t provided enough capacity to accommodate the traffic their customer requested.

There are obviously some jabs in there. Even though they’re taking down the messages that point the finger at Verizon—and other broadband providers—they made sure that it was known that everything occurs on the providers’ end. From Netflix’s side of the fence, all they do is move the content via the pathways provided. If the paths are congested or there are issues, it’s not their fault, it’s the service providers.

Netflix stated the test would end in mid-June and steps would be taken to decide if more testing will be needed.

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