New AppleBundle2 saves time and money

New AppleBundle2 saves time and money

Apple is now offering money saving bundled apps for about $1. These apps, although not always super popular or best sellers, are generally ad-free and don’t take up a great deal of screen or storage space on your iPhone or iPad or iPod Touch. The apps are mostly utility type programs and while not top shelf quality can be quite useful.

This veritable melting pot of bundled apps is about 148MB in size and are free to use with no in-app purchases required. Once the bundle is downloaded, users have to sort through the wide assortment to see exactly what all is in there. There are two ways to do this, either swipe through each individual app or tap on one of the four categories. There are generally about 16 apps per page, each listed with a named icon. You can also search through the bundled apps with keywords and mark your favorites for quick access later. There’s also the option to use the bundle’s dashboard screen that not only gives time and weather but shows recently viewed apps on your main page.

So what type of apps can you find in this bargain bundle? Some of the top apps include Video and Photo Safe that lets you password protect your digital media content; Type-N-Go(lets you see what’s in front of you when walking via the rear camera); Google services access to Gmail, Google Docs and other similar programs, World Clocks so you know what time it is all around the globe-this is great for international business operators; Audio Memo  is very useful since some  Apple devices don’t have built in voice recorders; and Walkie Talkie that works with Bluetooth . Not all of the bargain apps are useful, such as the irrelevant Mayan 2012 countdown or the Baby Names App. Now all apps work on all devices as is the case of the Baby Monitor app that doesn’t work on the iPad but does on the iPhone.

Out of the 225 bundled apps there are only seven games, so this money saver deal wouldn’t be a good investment if you’re a gamer. Overall the bundle is a steal at this low price and it does save Apple device users quite a bit of time by not having to download the apps individually. Most of the apps are quite useful; just don’t be thinking that you’re going to get top selling apps.

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