New Mailbox App gives you “inbox zero”

Everybody’s talking about the news regarding the USPS doing away with Saturday mail delivery. Can you imagine what it would be like to go two days without your email inbox not getting any delivery? To some people that would be a good thing!

While for most of us email has become a very large presence in our daily lives. If you run a business then it is even more so.  At times incoming emails are an around the clock happening that can quickly become unmanageable.  What to do? Say hello to the new Mailbox app for iPhone. This much hyped new app from Orchestra, a relatively new developer from Palo Alto, California, simply put gets your emails under control and categorized with just a few swipes.  With Mailbox, iPhone users can chip away at their overflowing inboxes with a few simple controls and even “snooze” some for later attention. Brilliant!

After nearly a year of sneak peeks and beta tester reviews, the Mailbox App is finally available in full-fledged glory from Apple’s Appstore.  The main function of the new app is to prioritize your inbox by categorizing things that aren’t urgent. How so? With four main gestures, users can partially swipe a message to archive it or swipe it all the way to the right for deletion.  A long drag to the left will put the message in a list. The best feature- the snooze. Yes a snooze function. How does it work?  Open your email up – take a look at what’s hanging around. How many messages are urgent?  How many can you postpone dealing with and how many fall into that gray area of need to be answered but not urgently? Instead of leaving those non-urgent or only semi-urgent emails lingering around the inbox- with a short drag left you can put them off but set a reminder time to come back later and deal with them.

The goal of the app- “inbox zero” without having to spend a lot of time deciding what to deal with and when. The developers have in mind that the app is perfect for people who see email as a terrible to-do-list.

The whole simplified gesture control process turn a dreaded activity in to easy productivity. Once you master the gestures, you’re clearing your inbox in a matter of minutes with minimal effort. No more agonizing over when to answer the email from your boss or your least favorite in-law. Just put it on snooze and keep on moving.



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