New Revolution In The Real Estate Industry: Micro Apartments

New Revolution In The Real Estate Industry: Micro Apartments

The people of New York are famous for their uniquely designed small sized apartments. But a micro revolution in the real estate industry is gaining momentum. The trend is arriving and it aims to transform small sized apartments into conceptually bigger looking apartments. What is making these micro apartments popular is that they make a couple of square feet feel as hundreds.

The main idea behind the micro apartments is to make maximum utilization of each corner of the apartment to quadruple, triple and double each space. The techniques which are used include: folded beds, walls which can be moved and coffee tables which can be extended to a 10 sitter dining table. These are some of the examples of architectural techniques which work creatively turning the match box apartments of New York into mini size mansions with every facility of modern life.

Due to rapid rise in cost of living, people need to keep their big space desires restricted to save money. Many prefer to go for a simple life style in the small sized apartments. For them there is not a better option than these micro apartments, the rapid increase in the rent of apartments will motivate people to go try micro apartments.

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