New York City Sees No Murders For One Week, Homicides Dip From The Same Period In 2012

New York City Sees No Murders For One Week, Homicides Dip From The Same Period In 2012

NEW YORK CITY, NY – The office of New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg released a statement saying that the city was murder free for a week starting on October 7 and ending October 13.

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While there are other cities that make that claim on a regular basis, it stands out for the Big Apple as they average six murders a day. Prior to this break in murders, New York had six murder free days following Hurricane Sandy.

At the moment, the murder rate is on track to being a record low for New York City. Also of note is that the number of gun-related murders also declining.

Below is the statement from the Mayor’s office:

“Through Sunday, October 13th, New York City has seen 90 fewer murders than at this point last year: 256 murders in 2013 compared to 346 murders in 2012—a decrease of 26.0 percent.

Murders committed with firearms represent 148 of the 256 murders in 2013, 57.8 percent.

Through Sunday, October 13th, the number of murders committed with firearms is down by 60 from last year: 148 in 2013 compared to 208 in 2012—a decrease of 28.8 percent.”

Last year, the number of crimes reached 419 in the city and marked the lowest homicide rate in over 50 years.

It’s not too much of a reach to think that other major cities with homicide problems will look at New York City to see what they’re doing right and if it could be applied to their city given the demographic makeup and landscape.

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