The Nexus Player Is Still Pending FCC Approval

The Nexus Player Is Still Pending FCC Approval

Google’s upcoming Nexus Player is looking at a shaky start due to pending FCC approval. As a result of this, pre-orders have been placed on hold.

The reason the FCC hasn’t gotten around to giving the Nexus Player the thumbs up on pre-orders is that the device gives off electromagnetic radiation and has to be inspected to make sure it’s safe to sale stateside.

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While companies manage to get their device through FCC approval via sending in applications far ahead of release, the Nexus Player being put off could mean a couple of things. The first is that Google probably sent the application in too close to the intended release. This is unlikely since this isn’t Google’s first rodeo when it comes to releasing products.

The other reason could be that there was something in the Nexus Player’s design or something with the application that raised concerns from the FCC. There could be a hiccup in the production line somewhere that would throw shipping of the Nexus Player off—again unlikely as that could be taken care of in short order.

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It’s been reported that the Nexus Player is a little light when it comes to app support, but that doesn’t seem like it would prevent the device from at least making it to pre-order status.

The Google and Asus developed media player will run Android 5.0 Lollipop—which is available for devices next month. The Nexus Player was originally on the Google Play Store for $99 on pre-order.

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