NFL withdrawals? Check out Google Maps virtual stadium tour

NFL withdrawals? Check out Google Maps virtual stadium tour

Ever wanted to take a tour of your favorite NFL stadium without leaving the comforts of home? Now thanks to Google Maps you can do just that.

Google recently announced that beginning with the Lucas Oil Stadium, home of the Indianapolis Colts, it will bring NFL stadium imagery to users everywhere. Now NFL fans can see inside the locker room and learn what it’s like to run through the tunnel onto the field with a 360 degree interactive photo tour. The spots highlighted in the virtual tour are those not normally seen by the general public. Google map users get a peek inside the locker room that was recently highlighted when the team’s head coach made a memorable post game speech this past November that went viral on the internet. The locker room is known to be one of the biggest in the NFL. Fans also get a tour of the famed VIP suites that aren’t generally open but to an exclusive few game attendees. There are plans to add more photos in the future.

The new app can be accessed either via your web browser or through your iOS or Android powered mobile device. Although Lucas Oil Stadium is the only venue Google Map users can access at this time, Google does plan to roll out more stadium imagery in the near future. There haven’t been any definite time frames announced for the addition of more image collections from other NFL teams but Google is reported as planning to make the new imagery as comprehensive as possible.

How did the idea come about? Some NFL fans who also happen to work at Google Maps came up with the idea that other fans would appreciate being able to view their favorite stadiums. Google approached several teams but the Colts management was the first to agree. A spokesperson for the Colts stated that Google recognized Lucas Oil Stadium as one of the most dynamic sport facilities in the world and the offer to showcase it was greatly welcomed.

The rollout of the new service should be a great way to keep NFL fans happy in the off season with the 2013 season being several months away. So for serious NFL fans going through football withdrawals, it’s easy to fix –just log onto Google Maps and type in Lucas Oil Stadium. Whether you’re a Colt’s fan or not, it’s still pretty cool to get a behind the scenes look.

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