Nintendo Announces Program To Share Ad Revenue With Creators

Nintendo Announces Program To Share Ad Revenue With Creators

Nintendo is looking to make good on a promise it made concerning a souring relationship with YouTube’s “Let’s Play” community over copyrighted content with its “Creators Program.”

The earlier part of 2013 saw Nintendo on the wrong side of things with YouTube’s Let’s Play community when it took ad revenue from content that had its Nintendo copyrighted material. Mid 2014 Nintendo stated it would take steps towards striking an agreement with YouTube and Let’s Play content creators that would see creators get a slice of ad revenue.

The “Creators Program” will allow for any content creator who signs on with the program and produces videos with Nintendo material to get 60 percent of the ad revenue per video. If a content creator decides to have their channel become Nintendo exclusive, the videos can pick up 70 percent of content.

Of course Nintendo can change the percentages as they wish. This leaves the door open for the company to take a bigger piece of the pie beyond 30-40 percent or even give more of a cut as an incentive to produce quality content during special events or when Nintendo rides into the trade show and award show seasons.

The Creator Program has opened its doors in the beta stage, but will kick off May 27th.

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