Nintendo Could Release More Games On Mobile In 2017

Nintendo Could Release More Games On Mobile In 2017

After years of holding off on diving into mobile, the success of summer hit Pokemon GO, and the fall release of Super Mario Run, Nintendo seems to be committing to mobile.

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A recent Kyoto NP interview with Nintendo president Tatsumi Kimishima saw the company head state that the company was looking at releasing two or three titles annually starting next year. The change in approach comes with the large numbers that Super Mario Run did. Even with the full stop $9.99 price tag to unlock the full game, Super Mario Run is said to have reeled in 40 million downloads so far.

Next year’s offerings will be Fire Emblem and Animal Crossing which should be dedicated games that probably won’t raise eyebrows if they had high—for mobile upfront—full unlocking prices. Android users will also get Super Mario Run.

If Nintendo runs with the two or three games a year rollout it will be interesting to see the prices of games and the gap between iOS and Android versions as well as how the company performs on the mobile front. The strength of downloads and sales for the 2017 games will definitely determine how much attention Nintendo gives to mobile in the 2018 and beyond.

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