Nintendo Switch Could Get A Full Pokemon Game

Nintendo Switch Could Get A Full Pokemon Game

After decades of suggesting and wishing for a full Pokemon RPG experience on a home console, the Nintendo Switch could see a version of Pokemon Sun and Moon some time in 2017.

The game is rumored to be called Pokemon Stars and no release window has been given other than 2017. Since the game is said to be developed with Sun and Moon, it’s will probably play pretty much like a true Pokemon experience in allowing players to navigate a country, capturing and training Pokemon, engaging in battles, conquer gyms, and battle other players. In talking with Eurogamer, a source said Game Freak put off development of Pokemon Stars to finish up Sun and Moon.

Previous Pokemon experiences that came close to experience most fans have been looking for include Pokemon XD: Gale of Darkness where players captured shadow Pokemon and purified them.

At the moment fans will have to enjoy Pokemon Sun and Moon—which have been warmly received. While there will definitely be some titles worth checking out on the Nintendo Switch, a JRPG of a Pokemon title will definitely move units especially if it was out at launch.

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