Nintendo’s Miitomo Scheduled For Early 2016 On Mobile

Nintendo's Miitomo Scheduled For Early 2016 On Mobile

Nintendo will be slow easing into the mobile market with the bulk of titles it has planned not hitting marketplaces until March 2017, but it will have at least two coming out early in 2016. Along with the AR-focused Pokémon Go title being worked on by The Pokémon Company and Niantic Labs, there will also be Miitomo.

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The free-to-play game will allow for players to basically customize their Miis and interact with other players’ Miis. For those unfamiliar, Miis are more active versions of Xbox’s Avatars. In-app purchases will be used to further customize your Mii.

The mystery here is: beyond playing mix and match with your Mii’s appearance what else will you do with your Mii in Miitomo? The more active choice would be party mini-game and by extension the in-app purchases could having players getting items with stat improvements for games. The more likely path for Miitomo would simply be a social thing.

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Initial impressions were a mixture of confusion, disappointment, and a stock dip. The expected first Nintendo mobile offering was  seeing one of their first party characters whereas the venture into mobile could just mean mobile gets its own set of characters with Pokemon or even Animal Crossing being links—at least until Super Smash Brothers time comes around.

At any rate, Miitomo will see promotion following the holiday season and a March 2016 release. Also coming out at that time will be the Club Nintendo replacement My Nintendo.


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