Nokia Leading Cell Phone Market in Iran

Nokia Leading Cell Phone Market in Iran

Despite closing the main office in Tehran, Nokia still maintains its market share in Iran. Base on the latest survey conducted by Iranian Students’ Polling Agency (ISPA), Nokia’s market share in Iran is around 52.8%. ISPA asked 2721 people about the latest three cell phones which have been bought by their families.

According to the results, Nokia is leading the cell phone market in Iran following by Sony Ericson accounting for 20.3% of total market share. Samsung and GLX (Iranian cell phone manufacturer) placed third and fourth respectively by holding 18.9% and 1.1% share.

Of course this should be good news for Nokia. The Finnish company recently reduced its workforce in country and closed its main office to ‘comply with EU policies’ but it has still its place in Iranian community. However Nokia lost its reputation in Iran after opposition groups accused the company of providing spying facilities to local government on 2009 after the controversial president election.

Although more than 2500 persons have participated in this survey, but it doesn’t totally reflect the realities of Iran’s cell phone market. According to several reports, Apple is among most popular brands in Iran but base on this poll, the U.S. based company doesn’t have any presence between top four companies in Iran.

The penetration rate of mobile phones in Iran was about 130% as of February 2012.

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