Nokia Working On Android Smartphone With “Normandy”

Nokia Working On Android Smartphone With "Normandy"

Nokia is going into budget smartphones with their own Android phone codenamed Normandy. Reports say that Nokia is using an alternate version of the Android OS—much like Amazon’s Kindle Fire—for Normandy.

The actual phone itself was revealed by evleaks back in November and looks like Nokia’s Lumia line of handsets. Normandy’s Android variation will run the popular apps that can be ran on stock Android as well as variants of Cyangenmod. With the flexible nature of Android, it gives Nokia the ability to craft the OS to what they need for Normandy.

Also of note is that Nokia have been busy working on the Android handset as Microsoft is set to purchase their smartphone wing. This leaves the fate of Normandy up in the air as to whether it will be released before the ink is put to paper or if Microsoft will go ahead and releases it anyway.

Apparently employees working on the Normandy project received notice that the phone is aiming for a 2014 launch.

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