Number of Islamists Arrested in France

According to media reports the police in France arrested several people in different parts of the country on Wednesday in a raid on the second week targeting Muslim Networks.

It was reported that about ten people were arrested in raids took place today in various parts of the country, including the cities of Marseille and Valence located in south of France and the town of Rupee in north of the country. The operation targeted people suspected traveled or sought to travel to Afghanistan or Pakistan for jihad training, according to Radio France.

The operation came five days after the arrest of 19 people and confiscation of many weapons in the campaign against the banned Islamic-based France group called “Knights of Glory”. 13 of the 19 people accused of possessing weapons and conspiracy to commit terrorist operations in France.

The General’s counter-terrorism announced on Tuesday that the group has conducted training on the physical forms of violence and kidnapping a judge considered a Jew in the city of Lyon. The French authorities have now taken a strict policy against extremists Islamist since a series of killings by armed Islamic inside and outside the city of Toulouse, in south west of the country on last March.

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