nuTonomy Get First Self-Driving Taxi On The Road In Singapore

nuTonomy Get First Self-Driving Taxi On The Road In Singapore

While in the U.S companies are still testing self-driving cars and work to get the roadwork for regulation done, Singapore is doing a limited run of autonomous taxis in the wild.

nuTonomy, formed by former MIT researchers, modified several iMiEV and Zoe line vehicles from manufacturers Mitsubishi and Renault respectively and will offer rides for the public. Still in an experimental stage, the rides will only run within a 2.5 square mile radius and among pick up and drop off spots.

During the testing phase nuTonomy asked for locals to sign up for its self-driving taxis and like Uber’s tests will be free. For safety reasons there will be an engineer riding along and a researcher observing rides.

The company teamed up with the Singaporean government and has been developing and testing out its technology since April. The company hasn’t put a timeline on the trial and will work out errors and quirks between now and whenever it decides to end the test run. nuTonomy expects to go from six cars on the road to a functional fleet in 2018.

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