NYC To Push Legislature to Limit Uber and Lyft On City Streets

NYC To Push Legislature to Limit Uber and Lyft On City Streets

Taxis are a big part of New York City given the density of the population and the vastness of the city. It was the perfect place for ride-share giants Uber and Lyft to present their services. Now it looks as though they’ve worn out their welcome with more traffic.

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The city is looking at laws to limit how many Uber and Lyft cars are allowed on streets. There was an attempt by Mayor Bill de Blasio in 2015 but that stalled after both companies pushed back. Now legislators are backing a second attempt to get it done. The New York Times reports that the City Council is expected to vote on the law on August 8th, giving the companies little time to push against the attempt.

One bill would put a freeze on the hiring new drivers for a year. This is to give the Taxi and Limousine Commission time the need of ride-sharing companies, how much they contribute to travel congestion and how they serve different areas of the city. The Commission will also look at driver income as a factor.

This ties into another bill which would freeze new hires by location. If a neighborhood has enough taxi and ride-share services, expect to see no new Uber and Lyft cars on the road.

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The dominance of Uber and Lyft in the city has seen the two services operate outside of the same laws that apply to the taxis they’ve damaged financially. On the other side of the coin, the services are viewed as convenient for riders.

As expected, the two companies are spinning this as an attack not against them but the neighborhoods and demographics they serve. On top of that, they’ve become separate ad campaigns against the proposed bills. In the end either the city will reign Uber and Lyft in or they will continue to operate as usual. It’s a reached a point where the latter might be unlikely. Then again, so does Uber and Lyft being limited if there is enough public outcry.

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