NYT Report Links Facebook To User Data Sharing With Large Companies

NYT Report Links Facebook To User Data Sharing With Large Companies

Facebook is said to have shared suspicious amounts of user data with big-name mobile manufacturers, according to The New York Times.

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Companies include Apple, Samsung, BlackBerry, and Microsoft. The data sharing between companies began 10 years ago as a means of creating apps for the social media site on their own operating systems.

Prior to developing OS-specific apps, a user of one phone was required to go through their chosen mobile browser. With Facebook offering up user data through “private APIs,” mobile-oriented companies were able to create specific Facebook apps and features around that OS.

NYT brings up that the degree of access given to manufacturers is also a cause for alarm. On the other side, Facebook says everything was within FTC regulation and that there was nothing nefarious about the deal. As a matter of fact, Facebook says that the agreement between the company and mobile manufacturers was operated with the safety of user data in mind.

Even so, one example given in NYT’s report shows that it was possible for a wealth of data to be pulled from a specific user down to the friends of friends. In all, one of the things this boils down to is how flexible Facebook’s policy about privacy is to allow data sharing that can reach sprawling levels.

Obviously, this could prove to be another privacy issue Facebook doesn’t need at the moment given what’s going on with Cambridge Analytica.

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