Office 365 possibly to be embedded in PCs

Office 365 possibly to be embedded in PC's

Microsoft Indonesia recently announced it has begun negotiations with PC manufacturers to embed the software giant’s cloud based service software, Office 365 into new PC’s. Top level executives at Microsoft Indonesia states that the company is discussing this possibility with at least seven of the leading brands of PC makers, including Hewlett Packard, Toshiba and Acer the possibility of bundling the software with their products. Company reps stated that the plan would call for not only pre-loading the software into new units but selling the program online and in retail outlets.

Microsoft’s Office 365 is a cloud-based software service available through subscription. The software giant launched an enterprise version of the service in Indonesia last year and recently released commercial versions label Office 365 Premium and University to the general public. The product is already available in over 100 outlets in Indonesia and the company plans to expand that number to over 500 stores within three months’ time.

The official word from Microsoft on this plan is that the software giant is attempting to put the brakes on rampant copyright piracy. While Microsoft has a 98% share of the market when it comes to software, only about 10% of those shares use legal copies of Microsoft products. The company hopes that by pre-loading more products onto new PC’s and selling copies of Office 365 that number of pirated copies down to 80% or less.

So why consumers should chose Office 365 over such free cloud-based programs as Dropbox? The difference is that with Microsoft’s program, not only can user create personal accounts, but their paid subscriptions will allow them free access to other Office products such as PowerPoint, Word and Outlook on multiple devices. The subscription also includes bonus call minutes on Skype and additional storage space on SkyDrive.

It is Microsoft’s hope that lower prices and the bonus offers will attract new users to the program. In most cases about half of the users who run the trial version of Office 365 wind up buying the full version. Granted there are programs out there that work as well when it comes to online storage as Microsoft’s product but company officials say that Office 365 has the distinction of being available offline unlike the competition.  With a growing trend of more and more non-business computer owners using cloud based programs, Microsoft just might outshine the competition with this new marketing strategy to get Office 365 into the market. It’s an idea well worth taking notice of.

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