“OK Google” Dropped From Chrome

OK Google Dropped From Chrome

It looks as though Chrome will be losing a feature that it claims very few people used—including yours truly. The “OK Google” feature allowed for users to say “OK Google” to activate the voice search feature on the desktop versio. The feature has been removed as of version 46.

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That doesn’t mean voice search functionality is gone from the browser in general, users can still use it by clicking on the microphone icon. While “OK Google” is gone from Chrome for desktops, users will still be able to use it on Chromebooks. It makes sense that the feature would remain on that specific device given a specific user base is centered on Chromebooks.

Browsers in general tend to be a good platform to test new features—and remove them when things don’t pan out with said features. In the case of “OK Google” it helps to remove a feature that makes the browser eat up resources and power in case Google wants to test a new feature in Chrome and not bog it down further.

All of that aside, at least Google didn’t remove a feature that gets a lot of use with Chrome and instead dropped a feature that didn’t get much use. In memory of the “OK Google” feature:

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