One Million Saplings Will be Planted in Tehran

Tehran Municipality announced on Sunday that it will provide more than one million saplings to citizens of Tehran on tree planting day, March 6 .

Also denizens will be provided with manuals detailing on how to plant the baby trees . Ali Mohammad Ekhtari, director of the Parks Organization, said to media .

Ali Mohammad Ekhtari said the saplings would be available to the public at collection points in 123 parks across the city and that the city was planning to extend the park area per capita from 14 square meters to 15 square meters next year .

He also said four women-only parks Mothers Paradise, Pardis, Narges and Shahrbanou had been inaugurated and two others are in development .

The director of the Parks Organization also said that the 10th international flower and plant exhibition will be opened in the month of Ordibehesht, which starts on April 20 .

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