Online Piracy Didn’t Stop After Closing Megaupload

The recent studies show online priacy didn’t stop even after closing giant MegaUpload .

Statistic shows downloading copyrighted files is still continuing and people are using other file sharing websites for this job . After suspending MegaUpload and stopping FileSoinc activities users moved to other sites like .

Supporters of copyright rules celebrated FBI action against MegaUpload but studies show this was only helpful for a few days . In fact downloading of copyrighted files dicrease for only a few days , Then users found alternatives .

Kim Dotcom arrested by FBI and he is sentenced to compensate around $500 M to legal files owners .

MegaUpload launched 6 years ago but seized by the Federal Bureau of Investigation on January 19, 2012 . It used to have 50,000,000 unique visitors a day and was hosting 12 billion unique files for over 100 million users . The website is now ranked 93 in world according to Alexa ranking system .




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