Opinion: Google Glass Discrimination? Technophobia? Or An Issue of Privacy?

Google Glass Discrimation? Technophobia? Or An Issue of Privacy?

The Google Glass has been running into trouble socially for some time now as some local business owners in Seattle have expressed their dissatisfaction in ambassadors wearing the device in their establishments.

There is a movement among some owners in the area to ban the Glass in their restaurant and businesses for a few reasons with privacy being the most important. While its important test this specific kind of technology out in the public, it’s not hard to understand that the device would make some people uncomfortable.

There are some benefits to the Google Glass that could make everyday life easier, but there are also some very real privacy concerns to be addressed. While there is the argument that people take pictures and shoot videos with cameras, laptops, tablets, and smartphones all the time and that the Glass is no different, there is the issue of the discrete nature in which the Glass could take pictures and record.

Since the glasses work with gestures, people might not be aware that they’re being filmed or snapped. That’s not to say that everyone’s going to use their Google Glass for nefarious acts of spying on and filming people, but the potential is there and the potential for people to be unaware of whether or it is in use is there as well.

What do you think of the Google Glass? Will it catch on and become widely accepted early or will it have a rough road ahead? Let us know in the comments below.

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