Opinion: Should You Ditch Cable For Streaming Services

Opinion: Should You Ditch Cable For Streaming Services

I’m someone who hasn’t watched TV programs at their scheduled time and during its seasonal/series run in years.

The last time I actually sat and watched a full season of a show on TV was probably 2010-2011 and that was during a marathon of Merlin on Syfy channel. I’ve watched full shows here and there, but I’ve never had the feeling to sit and watch entire blocks on networks. I’ve put it down to two things:

How Interesting The Show Is At That Moment

Sometimes a show just doesn’t come off as interesting to me either in the preview, commercial, or watching a couple of minutes of it. I didn’t find Mad Men that interesting on its first season as it seemed like guys sitting around in suits and talking. Of course now you’ll find multiple shows with guys sitting around in suits and talking.

Having some downtime and a method to sit and watch a season straight through from episode to episode, I found Mad Men to be a good show. It’s not everything I’d love in a show or movie, but I can get into the story and the acting is good all around.

Some shows can be the greatest thing ever—and you’ll constantly hear reviewers rave about this show—but it comes down to how well it translates to commercials. Mad Men wasn’t one of those shows.


Simply put, there’s other stuff I could watch or would rather watch and so I end up with a backlog of shows to have to catch up on. Seasons upon seasons of shows I have to go back on because there were other shows in my priority list plus the schedule might conflict with whatever else I decide to watch or do.

All of this brings me to should you ditch your cable service and just run with an internet service which is usually offered by your cable service provider or telephone service? Depending on what you normally watch on cable—yes. If you watch block after block of say the Cooking Channel or the Food Network then maybe not. There are some channels in the digital tier you’re going to definitely want.

As for the prime cable channels not in the digital tier, you can catch all of the shows on those networks via Hulu (and Hulu Plus) and Netflix. If you dig movies Netflix and Amazon Prime have you covered. For live programming there are multiple methods to catch those online as well as full seasons. Also premium channels—specifically HBO—have streaming services.

The three mentioned services (Hulu, Netflix, and Amazon Prime) can be used on different devices. If you want to view shows and movies on your TV, an HDMI TV to PC cable is one thing you could use, any of the previous or current generation gaming consoles, or an HDMI streaming component such as Google Chromecast.

Plus you can watch shows when you wish. You’re not tied to a scheduled time to watch everything.

Most importantly, the price of a monthly subscription to Netflix or Hulu, a solid internet connection, and whatever additional component you may need to get the stream on your TV, the cost of having a cable provider beyond basic (local stations) would be slashed.

What about our readers, have you dumped cable and gone the internet route? Let us know in the comments section below.

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