Opinion: Wii U’s Financial Results and the Holiday Warzone Ahead

Opinion: Wii U's Financial Results and the Holiday Warzone Ahead

Nintendo recently released its last quarter results. The Wii U managed to bounce back a bit with a price cut and tacked on 300,000 consoles (in the quarter prior it managed 160,000). As it stands, Nintendo has moved just shy of 4 million with 3.91 million overall leaving quite a trek to their 9 million goal by March 2014.

In software sales Pikmin 3 and The Legend of Zelda Wind Waker HD are the heavy hitters, but overall it’s just short of 20 million. Nintendo has noted that the Wii U punched a hole in their profits mainly because of the price cut. The company reported a hit of roughly $82 million.

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Nintendo are banking on a successful Christmas season with newer titles Super Mario 3D Land and Wii Fit U being a two of the newer first party titles popping up. There’s also the $300 Wii U Deluxe set that comes with New Super Mario Bros. U, New Super Luigi, and will be released on November 1.

The set could reel in some buyers—especially parents—during Christmas shopping looking for something that isn’t going to eat up their wallet and comes with games.

Nintendo Land comes with the Deluxe Set as well. It wasn’t an overlooked detail as the game is decent, but it’s not exactly a “Wow!” game or even a “Yay!” title. Another game would’ve definitely been better, but what could you actually put in that place? At any rate, the company is keeping Nintendo Land on as an eShop download and will drop its price to $30.

On the handheld from, Nintendo’s unchained beast the Nintendo 3DS is stampeding along with a double whammy of the original version and the 3DS XL. Out since February 2011, it has managed 35 million units with Pokemon—which has and always will move the handhelds—and Monster Hunter being at the top of the hill.

Normally the handheld is the bridesmaid and never the bride in the console-handheld relationship, but so far the 3DS has been the bride, the head cheerleader, and the prom queen. Nintendo is doing everything right with the 3DS sans much in the way of advertising. Of course, when you have a main line Pokemon title everything will fall in place.

While there are no one game remedies for the Wii U’s sales and it could simply end up being a late bloomer or just coast along until the next generation, Pokemon on the Wii U would move consoles like hot cakes on the first party front.

Third party titles would help a lot, but Nintendo has always been a company that could move consoles on their first party software. As a matter of fact, the last time there was a first and third party team up on sales being the Super Nintendo-Genesis period.

Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze could’ve helped this holiday season and really, there’s only two strong seasons to move games: holiday and tax. By the time the next DKC comes out it would be between the two.

A new Metroid would’ve moved more consoles and a larger concentration of first party titles in this period would’ve move more consoles as third party titles tend to be hit or miss on the Wii U—especially if they’re also appearing on the other two company’s consoles.

Will the Wii U pick it up this holiday season? Likely, but it’s unlikely that a significant amount will be moved to push it towards that 9 million goal. The people who want these titles already mostly likely already have a Wii U and those who want a Wii U are waiting for there to be a larger library of titles to pick from.

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