Orlando Parts Company With Amazon’s Rekognition

Orlando Parts Company With Amazon's Rekognition

The Orlando Police Department and the city of Orlando are no longer working with Amazon on its facial recognition project.

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Known as Rekognition, the contract ran for a short period this year before the public and internal outcry resulted in Amazon and Orlando parting ways. A joint statement touched on why it was distancing itself from Rekognition:

“Partnering with innovative companies to test new technology–while also ensuring we uphold privacy laws and in no way violate the rights of others–is critical to us as we work to further keep our community safe.”

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Rekognition was introduced in 2016 and shopped out to major cities. The primary application was assisting law enforcement but the move came under fire from Amazon employees and over 40 civil rights organizations. Concerns were mainly in the realm of how this could easily be abused by law enforcement.

Amazon noted that the test period had a definite end time. Whether it was this soon is unknown but it is definitely playing down the outcry that came from within the company. Police Sergeant Eduardo Bernal assured the public that Orlando didn’t use Rekognition to film or photograph anyone.

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