Otto Could Cause More Trouble For Uber In California

Otto Could Cause More Trouble For Uber In California

It looks as though Uber will run butt heads with the California DMV again on the self-driving front. This time the culprit seems to be Otto, a company that Uber picked up last year that uses self-driving trucks, says Car & Driver. The issue here seems to be that the company is testing trucks on the highways near San Francisco and if you remember California said that Uber couldn’t do until it got a permit.

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Car & Driver’s report details the company keeping a record of Otto’s testing of self-driving trucks. Also noted were multiple instances where a human had to take control of the truck when it “disengaged.” Prior to taking to the road, Otto told the DMV that the trucks needed a human driver on public roads and couldn’t operate autonomously. With Car & Driver’s report that included the delivery of Budweiser beer in Colorado, California’s DMV is now looking into things.

In a similar argument to Uber’s from last year, Otto said that didn’t need the autonomous testing permit since it test driver assist technology and not autonomous technology—even though the company’s own record points to testing out autonomous driving technology. It’s phrasing Otto used to escape the wrath of Nevada regulators, so we’ll have to see if it flies with California’s DMV.

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