Ouya Picks Up $10 Million Investment From Alibaba

Ouya Picks Up $10 Million Investment From Alibaba

The Hangzhou-based e-commerce titan Alibaba has invested heavily in Ouya to the sound of $10 million. The plan stemming from this investment seems to be integrating Ouya’s 1,000-plus library of games to Alibaba’s setup boxes.

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Hitting the scene in 2012, Ouya gradually made waves with its Android microconsole approach and scoring millions in Kickstarter funding. Not only that, but there were also promises of being $99, retro-style gaming, an annual release similar to smartphones, and being an open console that allows players to develop as well.

When Ouya hit shelves in the summer of 2013, it delivered on most of those promises—there was no Ouya for 2014—but wasn’t without its own issues. Appeal had fizzled for the most part with initial reviews of the console detailed issues of a laggy UI, laggy response from the controller and the general feeling that the controller didn’t have the best craftsmanship.

New Ouya With 16GB of Storage, Improved Controller Launches

With China re-opening the doors for gaming consoles last year and Alibaba having reach in China and globally—in addition to recently expanding heavily that into other areas of Asia—Ouya could possibly be getting a second wind with exposure to audiences outside of its dedicated fanbase.

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