Ouya Plans To Go Through With Annual Console Updates, Next Ouya Scheduled For 2014 Release

Ouya Plans To Go Through With Annual Console Updates, Next Ouya Scheduled For 2014 Release

When the Ouya console was first announced during the Kickstarter phase, the company mentioned that the customizable Ouya would be released yearly. At the moment the Ouya development team is at work on the follow up console.

The Android-powered microconsole had a runaway funding campaign at over $8.5 million on a push of taking gaming back to that magical old school period, a wallet-friendly price of $99, and being openly mod-friendly, and friendly to indie developers.

Ouya officially entered the gaming market in late June after pushing back the release date, mixed reviews in general, and having to salvage the controller. There were also some issues with backers not getting their pre-retail console initially.

Almost five months after its release to store shelves and the Ouya is simply coasting. Almost 30% of gamers who bought the Ouya have made game purchases meaning that the rest are probably developing their own games, using the Ouya as some sort of emulator hub, or are simply busy seeing what they can do with the Android box.

While 30% would be alarming for Nintendo, Sony, and Microsoft’s consoles, that immediate 30% window is pretty on point for Android device purchases when it comes to the Google Play Store anyway.

That brings us back around to the next Ouya. It’s looking at 2014 release, but Julie Uhrman wasn’t clear on what will be in this new box besides they’re working on the controller which got a lot of heat for its make that came off as shoddy craftsmanship and responsiveness. As a matter of fact, many reviews for the Ouya put the burden and spotlight on the controller—after all, the most important thing with a console is being able to play it.

The annual Ouya release approach the company is taking is an odd one. You could say it’s a little ambitious, but if the company is sticking with the $99 price tag or something friendly, you could say it offsets that tinge of crazy and ambitious if you consider how much a gamer would pay for a new console, games, DLC, special editions, and so on in the typical console run of seven or eight years.

People went into the Ouya just to see what the hubbub was about and while the reactions were mixed and the positive reactions being based on what you actually did with the microconsole, the second Ouya will really have to impress with features and come off as flawless in the functionality department.

It doesn’t have to be a PlayStation 4, Xbox One, or Wii U, but it has to stand out from the many Android-powered microconsoles popping up and it needs to put forth that it doesn’t just play games already on Google Play.

Have you experienced the Ouya? What would you do differently in the follow up? Let’s us know below.

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