Ouya Will Be At E3…Down the Street From E3

Ouya Will Be At E3...Down the Street From E3

At first it was a certainty that Ouya wouldn’t be at E3 next month, but it turns out that $99 Android-powered game console maker will be in a parking lot down the street from where the Expo is being held. A release spotted by Joystiq mentioned that Ouya will be on display for the press and public and will be in “attendance” at E3 for the duration of the event starting June 11 and ending June 13. Apparently there will be TVs and consoles for people to try out and show off demos.

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Kellee Santiago, Head of Developer Relations for Ouya, stated, “You’ll be able to demo your games to media, E3 attendees and random people on the street who want to see what all the buzz is about. We’re going all out to ensure we get the best equipment, and we’re also engineering it with the elements of an outside location in mind. We’re confident this will turn out to be an awesome event that you and your teams will be proud of!”

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It should be noted that many backers from Kickstarter never got their early bird Ouya consoles. Beyond that, there was the matter of a few salty reviews for console based off of the pre-launch and the impression that the console wasn’t promoted as well as it could’ve been at SXSW and what has been seen as a lack of games at launch. On top of that, the console was pushed back to improve some things such as the sluggish UI.

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One thing I’m interested in is if Ouya itself will be producing games for the console in the same way that Sony and Nintendo does. Will they solely be a hardware company? If so they certainly have the bankroll to kick out another console due to snagging more cash in investments, so there’s no reason why they couldn’t have at least one first party franchise, right?

If you’re in the California area and near E3 will you be stopping by to check out the Ouya?

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