Oyster Set To Close, Google Scoops Up CEO and Team

Oyster Set To Close, Google Scoops Up CEO and Team

Earlier this week Oyster announced it would shut its doors. In operation for just over two years, Oyster was known as a one stop shop for ebooks having a large collection for people who really enjoy reading. The company allowed access to around over a million books for $10 a month—this is up heavily from the 100,000 it started with in 2013.

Google Founders Establish New Company and Announce New CEO

The company didn’t mention why they were closing or if it would take another form in the future, but it was said that subscribers would still have access to the service for a few more months.

The bigger story here: Google scooping up a part of Oyster’s team. Recode notes that the CEO and founders are included in that portion picked up. A deal struck with Oyster’s investors sees Google pick up this portion of the staff will them added to the Google Play Books team.

Several outlets have pointed to the move possibly being indication that Google looks to move Play Books into the subscription arena with the likes of Amazon. For now we’ll just have to wait and see how things develop for Google Play Books as well as for Oyster.

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