Pakistan Begins to Demolish The Home of Bin Laden

Pakistani forces began to demolish the house, which Osama bin Laden killed there by the unit of U.S. special forces in May .

United states authorities didn’t publish facts about that operation and it raised a lot of questions and carried out under cover of darkness .

Karim Khan , One of Pakistan Police officials announced this news . In the first step of the operation , Police destroyed the outer wall and the upper part of the building, located in Abbottabad .

“We started the demolition work at the home of Osama (bin Laden) .This is a joint operation of the local administration and security forces.”

Khan didn’t refer to the reasons made this decision .

Bin Laden killed in the attack by U.S. special forces during the night after pursuing for ten years in all over the world .

On the night of the second of May, special forces of U.S. Navy attacked a home using two helicopters, Black Hawk, They got on the roof of the house and killed bin Laden by shot in the head and chest .

The Pakistani military says it has never known what had happened .

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