Pakistan’s Mandarin Export to Iran Cut by 46%

One of the exports officials in Pakistan announced that the amount of exported mandarins to Iran has been cut by 46% because of the viral attacks to the agricultural fields.

Vahid Ahmad, one of the high rank authorities of the exporters’ syndic in Pakistan, said:” Pakistan couldn’t achieve to its goal for exporting 300,000 tons of mandarins because of the many reasons. This is while Pakistan produced more than 2.1 million tons of mandarins and tangerines.”

“We could only export 225,000 tons of mandarins. Also the amount of the mandarin export to Iran was only 40,000 tons which was 35,000 tons less than the previous year. Also we exported only 5,000 tons to Indonesia while we had received orders for 45,000 tons from that country.” Vahid Ahmad added.

He also mentioned that the Pakistan dispatched 8,800 containers of mandarins and the price of them was $6 per 10 kilograms.

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