Pandora Becomes A Part of Uber’s Partner App

Music streaming platform Pandora will become a part of Uber’s Partner app which will allow for drivers to enjoy personalized content instead of relying on the radio. The bonus to this is that Uber is offering Pandora through the app ad-free for six months. The feature comes off as an additional perk for drivers.

Pandora Becomes A Part of Uber's Partner App

How the feature will work is by having drivers connect their smartphone to AUX, go into the Uber Partner app, touch “Play Music” and enjoy their tunes. The deal is similar to what Uber has going on with Spotify, the extremely popular streaming music service, only Spotify is for passengers to enjoy and control often for a short A-to-B ride.

As these deals pan out more for Uber and its partners, we can see more methods of entertainment not just in Uber vehicles, but its competitors. Uber is pioneering interesting deals that give perks to drivers and distractions to passengers—especially natives taking a regular ride—and its competitors are definitely taking notice.

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