People Don’t Get Tired of Using Social Networoks

Studies show that people don’t get tired of using online social networks specially Facebook for a long time .

A survey by Pew Research Center shows this fact . People say they don’t get tired of posting pictures, updating weekend plans or just relaying random thoughts. Facebook was founded in 2004 and this is a good record for its users . This report is based on a U.S. phone survey .

The more time people have used the Facebook site, most often they hit the button “like”, commented on the content of friends, status updates and posted to friends tagged in photos, the report showed.

Also concluded that users have more friends on Facebook kept more involved with social networking site. “The more Facebook friends you have, the more carrying out each activity we have explored: friending, taste, private messaging, commenting, posting, labeling photos, joining groups and engaging. ” Pew said regarding the survey by its Internet & American Life project.

The survey was based on a phone survey of 2,255 U.S. adults that was conducted in November 2010. Respondents were asked to share logs of their Facebook activity, and about 269 respondents let Facebook release data on their use.

Facebook says it has 845 million active users today.

Google also opened a new service called “Google Plus” in order to compete with Facebook domination .

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