Persian Gulf Term Has Been Removed From Google Maps

In a disappointing move, the biggest and first search engine in world, removed the Persian Gulf term from its maps in Google Maps service.

When users search for Persian Gulf, Google redirect them to the location of the gulf but the name and term of the Persian Gulf has been removed from the map. Also the same process works if clients search for Arabian Gulf term. Thats while the term of the Gulf of Oman is completely vivid in the same area.

Google has not published any information regarding its move.

Many of Iranians have condemned this action by Google and they invite each other to block the usage of this search engine and replace it with Yahoo and Bing.

Currently Google is the first and most visited search engine in Iran and its ranked first in this country base on Alexa ranking system. Yahoo is ranked second in Iran and these kinds of actions may threaten Google’s position and share market in Iran.

It’s noteworthy that Google also didn’t show the special Persian year doodle to Iranian users in Iran.

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