Google Is Phasing Out Google Now Name For Features On Android

Google Is Phasing Out Google Now Name For Features On Android

Google has been building upon services that work while prying services that don’t work or don’t get much use from other services—such as with Google+ being pried from YouTube and later the Play Store. Now the company is working on shuffling Google Now.

In a report from 9to5Google, Google Now has been reimaged as “Feed” in the beta for Android’s search app while Google Now on Tap is called “Screen search.”

Similar to Apple rebranding Apple Stores to “Apple (and location)” everything is now Google and Google Now seems to be whatever task what that particular feature carries out.

The changes and restructuring come about as Google is getting to bring out its voice assistant and October 4th marking the announcement of its upcoming wave of smartphones.

It’s a busy time for Google—as other companies in service, software, and hardware—and the company is making a push to have everything that makes user experiences simply easily navigable and identifiable.

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