Samsung Releasing Pink Gold Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge August 28th

Samsung Releasing Pink Gold Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge August 28th

Starting August 28th, Samsung will be releasing the pink gold version of the Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge through Best Buy stores.

The smartphone first hit shelves in South Korea earlier in the year not long after the original S7 and S7 Edge’s launch and gives Galaxy fans an additional color for their favorite handset. There was little doubt that this version would eventually be released in the U.S given the appeal of Apple’s rose gold iPhone.

With the pink gold version coming after the launch versions is there anything different here?  Besides the color, the phone will be unlocked so users will be able to use it on major carriers in the U.S. If you’re a Samsung fan—or even if you just follow mobile—you’ll know what to expect from the company’s late year releases when it comes to its flagship devices.

While Samsung has announced the price tag for the pink gold S7 and S7 Edge, Best Buy customers will snag a $150 gift card with their purchase.

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