PlayStation 4 Has Launch Day Aches, Issues Ensue

PlayStation 4 Has Launch Day Aches, Issues Ensue

Happy PlayStation 4 Launch Day! People were lined up outside stores to get their consoles as early as possible. However for some gamers it wasn’t anything but a happy launch day.

From the store to hooking up the console and navigating the UI, there were problems off the starting block. The least of these issues included some people running into store associates who weren’t familiar with the promotional goodies offered in the PlayStation 4 such as a month of PlayStation+ free.

On the minor technical issues, some people were on able to connect to the PlayStation Network. This was really just resolved by trying again, it seemed pretty random as to when it would work but once you managed to get through, you were in.

Some of the major issues were ones most consoles face at launch. Some people didn’t get their console even though they preordered it which I understand. A preorder is basically the same as a reservation: insurance that you’ll get your console.

A serious issue encountered was some of the early adapters who got their console through a Taco Bell promotion ended up with bricked consoles. Others have reported issues with the Dualshock controller, an update breaking the recent Battlefield game, HDD, and audio/video issues.

Sony is currently looking at all of the technical issues and some sites have offered their own solutions. If you ended up with one of the bricked consoles, it’s best to contact PlayStation 4 immediately as returning it won’t guarantee a replacement as they most likely sold out.

For those who haven’t fired up their PlayStation 4 yet, remember not to turn off or do anything to your console while it is downloading the updates. This was essentially the same problem the Wii U had at launch. Every device tells you not to remove anything or turn off the power in the middle of an update. If the update is running long, just let it do its thing.

Remember all electronic device launches—especially gaming consoles—run into snags in that very first year. It’s a given. Even if you escaped a nasty launch day, it might catch you later—not jinxing your excitement or anything, of course.

Expect the same with the Xbox One next week. Hopefully Microsoft learned from the red ring of death issues that plagued the first wave of Xbox 360s.

How was your launch day? Did you manage to get a working PlayStation 4? What titles did you pick up? Share with us in the comments below.

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