PlayStation 4’s Sharefactory Now Allows For Animated GIFs

PlayStation 4's Sharefactory Now Allows For Animated GIFs

The PlayStation 4 recently got a new update to the Sharefactory. The app that allows players to edit gameplay footage now allows them to make animated GIFs that can run for 10 seconds. From there the images can be share on Twitter.

Often the font is important to add to a GIF and Sharefactory will have an “internet meme” font to those who want to add it. Hey you never know, you gameplay might be a next widely spread reaction image.

On the fairly interesting end of the update, Sharefactory also has a new Photo Mode function for players to make collages of their gameplay. There is also a new pan/zoom feature for video.

PlayStation 4's Sharefactory Now Allows For Animated GIFs

The update dropped yesterday and if you’ve got the PlayStation 4 Pro then you’re in luck because you also get in on 4K photos of the action.

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