PlayStation 4 to be focused on games

PlayStation 4 to be focused on games

Sony executive Michael Denny spoke with Edge Online about the PlayStation 4 and that it’s been in develop for the past five years. He also said that Sony is out to make “a next-gen console for gamers and made by gamers” and that Sony had learned its lesson from PlayStation 3’s run. The goals for the PlayStation 4 are to “reach as broad a gaming audience as possible” which should be the ultimate goal of any console in order to move as many systems as possible. Another goal touched on—which was an obvious one—was to make a better console that delivers a better experience than any other on the market.

Since Sony released initial details and controller designs for the PS4 it has looked extremely interesting. As stated in a prior article, Sony seems to be doing all of the right things with the hardware and software as well as saying all of the right things for potential customers. Everyone loves to feel that they’re being catered to, after all. If a company simply said “We’re doing this and that. We know you wanted that over there, but you’re not getting it. Deal with it.” That would be a number of customers lost out the gate.

It will be interesting to see what else Sony has planned for the console. The PSN is sure to be fixed up, the living streaming feature looks intriguing and has a ton of possibilities, and there are a few titles already finished and some in development—which is to be expected from a fresh console. You can expect developers will take full advantage of the new features. There could even be some developers that take a game genre known for mainly keeping a general style of play and bring something new to it. It’s innovations on a console that can actually give developers the chance to change a genre and bringing in new elements.

Sony’s worldwide studios president Shuhei Yoshida mentioned that he wanted to see more than first person shooters on the PS4. That’s a great sign as well. The last generation of consoles was mostly dominated by how great your FPS were and how many you had playing those online—in addition to having massive Rockstar or Square Enix titles in your library. Sure you needed strong exclusives titles and in the case of PS3 and Xbox 360 there is typically a shooter in there, but you need that third party support which Sony looks primed to snag. It’s also certain that the next Xbox will grab third party support as well since big franchise developers are usually pleased with how their titles do on Microsoft consoles.

While we know what to expect from the PS4 and we’ve seen the Wii U in action for a few months now, all that is left is to see what Microsoft pulls out of its sleeve. The features of both the PS4 and Wii U are innovative for gaming at this point and offer—or will offer in PS4’s case—different dimensions to how you play your favorite titles. While there are things that are industry standard—online play, the ability to purchase full games digitally, etc.—Microsoft will have to bring something truly special to the table and address the unsavory rumors.

You’re probably asking “Shouldn’t it be focused on gamers if it’s a gaming console?” You would be 100% correct, however most news and buzz out at the moment is really focusing on what consoles can do from the media end of things. In a way this message could be taken as “Calm down, we haven’t forgotten about the gamers.”

Are you excited about the PlayStation 4? What do you think the Xbox 720/Durango will bring to the next generation table?

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