PlayStation VR Will Be Available At Best Buy Midnight Launch

PlayStation VR Will Be Available At Best Buy Midnight Launch

The PlayStation VR will hit Best Buy shelves October 13th with a $399 price tag. If you’re interested and want to get in some training for midnight Black Friday in November, then 350 Best Buy stores are having midnight launches for the headset.

It is compatible with the PlayStation 4 and will have a disc with several demos for you to get a good grasp of not only what games will be available for the headset, but the types of games you can expect over the course of its lifetime. Also the Move controller will finally see its purpose.

Earlier in the year Sony opened pre-orders for PlayStation VR through several retailers with core VR being $400 and the VR bundle—with Move controllers and a camera—being $500.

You can checkout Best Buy to see where you can find PlayStation VR in your area as well as other upcoming games on the current generation of consoles.

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