Pokemon Go For iOS and Android Arrives 2016

Pokemon Go For iOS and Android Arrives 2016

Earlier this week Nintendo released a video showing its entry into mobile with Pokemon GO—and it was amazing. The short of the video shows Pokemon GO being the closest thing to the childhood dream of being able to walk around for Pokemon, catch them, and battle them.

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The trailer showcases the concept of Pokemon GO which will make use of augmented reality, a technology that Nintendo has implemented in the Nintendo 3DS handheld in games such as the Denpa Men series.

Nintendo teamed up with former Google subsidiary Niantic on the project, but Pokemon GO has been in development for roughly two years according to Pokemon Company CEO Tsunekazu Ishihara. It was also noted in the press conference that late Nintendo President Satoru Iwata was working on Pokemon Go as well.

In addition to augmented reality, the app will make use of GPS which will allow you to walk around the real world and find Pokemon in your surroundings much like your virtual trainer in Pokemon titles. GPS really has an even bigger role when used in tandem with the Pokemon GO Plus smartwatch device which alerts users when they are close to the Pokemon you are tracking.

Pokemon Go For iOS and Android Arrives 2016

Expect Nintendo to announce more about Pokemon GO in the months leading up to his 2016 launch for the game.

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