Pokemon Sun and Moon Coming In Late 2016

Pokemon Sun and Moon Coming In Late 2016

When Nintendo announced it would be running a special Pokemon Direct—a Pokemon-focused edition of its usual Nintendo Direct hot news updates—it was expected that it would be updates on Pokemon Go on iOS and Android and Pokken Tournament for Wii U, both due this year for the 20th anniversary of Pokemon’s Japanese debut.

What we got was something much bigger. We got the announcements of the seventh generation of Pokemon games Sun and Moon. The two titles come along three years after the launch of Pokemon X and Y almost on the Nintendo 3DS and will be available in nine languages as part of the company’s ongoing attempt to have trainers enjoy the franchise and connect with each other around the world via battles.

For those curious Pokemon Bank—which allows for trainers to transfer their Pokemon from other versions of the series—will be supported by Pokemon Sun and Moon. Needless to say when Nintendo does anniversaries or gets its weight behind a character, it does things big with whole years being dedicated to a franchise (see “The Year of Luigi”).

Further pushing 2016 as the Year of Pokemon, you’ll be able to play the original titles Pokemon Red, Blue, and Yellow tomorrow.

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