Police: Iranians are Allowed to Open Accounts in Social Networks

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Iranians are Allowed to Open Accounts in Social Networks

Kamal Hadianfar, head of Iran’s cyber-police, said Iranians are free to open accounts in social networks.

“Iranians are allowed to create accounts in social networks but police will prosecute those commit crimes in these websites and we will sue them. We have to pay more attention to our enemies’ intentions in virtual world. They are trying to change the religious belief of people.” Kamal Hadianfar said.

Iranian police recently put high concentration on social networks especially Facebook in order to find users violating the general terms of Iranian government.

Most popular social networks are officially blocked in Iran including Twitter and Facebook. But many Iranians bypass the limitation applied by government utilizing different proxies and VPNs. There is not any exact number of Iranian users in Facebook, but estimates show there is around 6 million active users from Iran in Facebook.

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