Popular ‘90s digipet re-hatches into the world of mobile gaming

Popular ‘90s digipet re-hatches into world of mobile gaming

It’s baaack—that addictive 90’s digipet sensation is soon to be reborn as a mobile app. Bandai Co. and Sync Beatz Entertainment recently announced that the egg-shaped digital pet that became a wildly popular toy in the 1990’s is soon to become a mobile app for Android devices tagged as “Tamagotchi L.i.f.e.” The “L.i.f.e” stands for “love is fun everywhere”.

This Japanese toy became a “must have” global sensation in 1996 that rivaled the popularity of Beanie Babies, Furby and Tickle Me Elmo. The digi-pet was popular with adults and kids alike. Now Sync Beatz has gained the licensing rights for Tamagotchi from Bandi and is ready to launch the mobile pet that just like the original requires tons of feeding, playing and training from owners. Just like the original digi-pet, if neglected the updated version will “expire”.

Marketing execs from Sync Beatz announced that the idea for the newly reborn digipet was to base the mobile app gameplay on the original Tamagotchi that was so widely loved everywhere. There are also plans for the app to be regularly “refreshed” so that the digital pet can “evolve”.

The highly detailed colorful app will feature unlockable character upgrades along with backgrounds and shells. Pet owners will be able to switch between two modes: old-school that even includes buttons on the virtual shell or a touch screen mode that allows pet owners to interact more closely with their creatures.

The new app has both a free and ad-free version. Although there have been digi-pet clones on the mobile device market, this is the first official Bandi mobile device app of the popular game to be released in 16 years. Bandi has over the years released updated versions of the toy and felt that “Sweet 16” was a prime time period for re-launch to give not only past pet owners a new way to play but introduce the pet to new players. The popular original paved the way for other interaction games such as The Sims and other similar titles.

While the digipet re-launch is seen by execs at Sync Beatz as being “comfort food” for twenty and thirty-something consumers as a way to bring back happy memories, they also see it as a way to build on Tamagotchi’s brand equity. Sync Beatz wants to take the leverage of that sentimentality found in Tamagotchi “L.i.f.e” and apply it to other products in the near future such as clothing and accessories with the company’s imagery.

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