Prepare For New Slew of Domain Names

Internet Domains

The number of website addresses worldwide is mind boggling. Thanks to the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN),  that hundreds of billions is about to get much larger. We all know the well-known domain names of .com, .net, .org, .info, the country codes, and government and educational entity codes such as .gov and .edu, you might have to remember a few more. In the earlier days of the internet—think back to AOL discs, dial-up, Geocities, and Netscape—smart users would snag .com domains—the most popular for big companies—and merely sit on them with no actual intent to use them. When a big company wanted to get their online presence out there, they ended up having to pay quite a bit to get those names.

It was very much 1848 in those days. The internet following that wasn’t as much of a mad dash for domains even companies featuring cheap domains popped up. That mad dash will return now that a new slew of domain names such as .food, .sport, and so on will dot the internet like new settlements. It can be expected that that bigger companies will be snapping up some domains and having their lawyers ready as a means to protect their trademark rights. Failure to do so usually results in millions paid to wrest the domain away from swatters and legal fees. IP lawyer Chris Wilson told CBC News:

“Sometimes you have to do something about it because they are taking away web traffic, and sometimes you have to do something about it simply from a trademark perspective to stop someone from diluting your trademark rights.”

What this all means is that the internet is somehow low on domain names and needs very specific ones for particular entities, it seems. It also means that businesses might have to deal with squatters once again when it comes to the more popular wave of new domain names. Are these new domains really needed? Of course not, chances are they will only make things difficult for business and lead to a bunch of unused domains being held in hopes that said business will take the bait and attempt to get the domain from them.

Besides, McDonald’s and Wendy’s really wouldn’t want Jack internet and Jill Website perching on that highly valued .food extension. Fast food giants would be seething and bubbling over knowing that Jack and Jill would be sitting behind their keyboard, arms crossed with a smug look of satisfaction on their face as they play the waiting game.


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