The Pricing Options For AppleCare+ For The Apple Watch Released

The Pricing Options For AppleCare+ For The Apple Watch Released

The big news from tech today is the pending release of the Apple Watch. Currently stores are offering a taste of the hot new device on a scheduled basis prior to store releases and the smartwatches arriving the mail. Also making the news on the Apple Watch front is Apple releasing the pricing of AppleCare+ warranties.

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The pricing scale includes the Apple Watch, the Sport, and the Edition models. The plans are split in standalone pricing for the smartwatch and pricing that includes the iPhone. For the Apple, Sport, and Edition alone you’re looking at paying $69, $49, and $1,500 respectively. If you’re including your iPhone, you’ll want to add $100 on the pricing package.

The warranties come with battery replacement, failure for parts, software support, express replacement, and both mail-in and walk-in repair. You’re also looking at a service charge for the two instances of accidental damage coverage offered. Accidental damage’s service charge will be $79 for the standard Apple Watch, $69 for Sport, and $1,000 for the Edition.

According to Mac Rumors the pricing for not picking up a warranty would result in dropping more dough should something happen to your Apple Watch. Battery replacement will be $79 flat and $329 and $229 for the standard and Sport. If you’re picking up the Edition, you’re going to be out $2,800.

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